About This Years' Camp

2023 John Southard Youth Recreation Commission’s (JSRYC) Summer Youth Program will be running this summer Wednesday July 5th through Thursday August 10th.

JSYRC program is open to Bath Village and Bath Town resident youth ages 5-15 (if children turn 5 during the program, they may register AFTER their 5th birthday and begin participating, no exceptions).

We will be taking a multitude of field trips to many exciting places around Steuben County, and we will also have craft and activity days right here in Bath.

Program registration will be held on June 15th (location to be determined).

This is an in-person registration event and will run from 5pm-7pm.

Check back for updates.

If you have any questions, please email JSYRC@dor.org

Contact Information

Program Director
Hanna Corcoran
Email Us: JSYRC@dor.org

Call Us: (607)-776-8085 ext 2228

We Need Volunteers

We need volunteers to make this program a success. Adults aged 18 and older can apply to be a volunteer. Our volunteers help supervise the program activities as well as chaperone trips. Please reach out to Hanna Corcoran at Hanna.Corcoran@dor.org or by calling (607)776-8085 extension 2228.

Activity Calendars