2022 Spring Appeal

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” ~ John 8:12

Imagine there is a lighthouse. This place is located on the shore of a sea that is under constant storm. This lighthouse is manned 24/7 to help those who may be lost in this sea find their way. Out in the sea waves of sadness, fear, loss, pain, and grief slam against those unfortunate enough to be navigating such difficult water. This lighthouse is a beacon of hope.

The light that shines is hope for the future.

There are times when the light dims, and those manning the lighthouse find themselves standing in the darkness next to the very people who would seek them out. When the light dims this is a time to recharge so that you may once again be that beacon of hope in the distance of a horrible sea. The pain of loss felt by those manning the lighthouse is real, the fatigue can be devastating, and the sorrow can be deeply profound.

There are times where it may feel like the lighthouse is alone. Please know, there are those who will carry this light for you when it’s time for you to recharge. There are those who will man your station when it’s time for you to rest. There are those who will do this out of faith and out of love for your mission and everything that lighthouse stands for.

There are those who know how important it is.

With Spring comes hope, new life and a fresh start.  It’s a chance for us to step out of the storm and into the light. That’s what the lighthouse represents to us…that beacon of light, of hope. What we ask of you now… Will you be that beacon for those in need? For those looking for that light to step into?

Once people see your light and use It to navigate to the shore, there is something amazing waiting for them on the other side…Home.

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