Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)


Children’s HCBS are for children and youth who:
1) Need extra care at home/ in the community
2) want to avoid going to the hospital or a long term facility
3) Are found eligible for HCBS* (Evaluation must be completed by a Health Home Care Manager or NYS C-YES)
4) Are enrolled or eligible to enroll in Medicaid. Note: Some children may be eligible for Medicaid if they are eligible for HCBS.


Referral for these services must come from a Health Home Care Manager or C-YES. A referral form is provided at this link: CFTSS HCBS Referral Form


Children’s HCBS:

  • Are provided where children/ youth and families are most comfortable — at home or in the community
  • Support children and youth as they work toward goals and achievements
  • Help children and youth be successful at home, in school, and in other environments
  • Offer personal, flexible services to meet the health, mental health, substance use treatment and/or developmental needs of each child/youth

We currently offer the following HCBS services:

Community Self Advocacy Training Support

  • Children, youth, and their families can get help to understand developmental, medical, mental health, and/or substance use needs
    Get help with, or prevent, any difficulties when taking part in community activities
    Children and youth, or caregivers and other advocates, can get their own self-advocacy training

Caregiver/Family Support and Services

  • Caregivers and families can get training and education to make informed and empowered choices for children with developmental, medical, mental health, and/or substance use needs
  • Maintain and strengthen children and youth’s independence in the community
  • Find available resources and services that meet child/youth and family needs

Prevocational Services

  • Youth aged 14 and older can learn skills to help get ready for paid work, or volunteer work that matches their interests
  • Skills can include: communicating with supervisors, coworkers, and customers; workplace problem-solving; career planning; and workplace safety

Supported Employment

  • Youth aged 14 and older who are ready for a job can get help to stay in a steady job that pays wages
  • Get ongoing support while getting a job and while working
  • Services can include, but are not limited to: Help with finding a job that matches your skills and interests; job coaching; benefits support; help with advancing your career; and other workplace support services

Respite Services (Planned Respite)

  • May be delivered at home, in the community, or in another allowable location
  • Planned respite services provide short term relief for families/caregivers and support the child’s mental health, substance use and/or health care goals