Jail Services


Jail Services are offered to inmates who are transitioning from the Livingston County Jail. These services prepare inmates for re-integration into their communities by connecting them with:

• Re-entry case management
• Housing options and employment opportunities
• Department of Social Services and SSI/SSD application assistance
• Identification, Social Security, and birth certificate application assistance
• Mental Health and doctor’s appointment scheduling
• Collaborating with CASA-Trinity for addiction treatment referrals and bed-to-bed transfers
• Voting registration assistance
• Transportation assistance on day of release
• Personal care items
• Referrals to a Medicaid insurance specialist
• Ministry connection assistance
• Parenting Education programs
• Cognitive Behavioral Intervention programs
• Provide a local community resource list
• Resources for warm clothing and shoes
• Provide list of AA/NA programs

For more information on this program and services, please contact Supervisor Carrie Clark at (585) 658-4466 or [email protected]